Friday, June 3, 2016
1:30 - 1:50 PM
Ted Talks - Jolliet

The Rise of Branded Content

There has been a lot of buzz in marketing circles about branded content over the last year or so. Through our extensive experience in evaluating the success and impact of digital branded content, we will share with you valuable lessons on how you and your brands can use branded content to build your online presence. Does branded content perform better than regular advertising? How do we ensure that branded content comes off as genuine? How can I most effectively measure my branded content to optimize opportunities for my brand going forward? Attendees will learn how best to leverage this emerging digital tactic with actionable ideas they can use for their own branded content campaigns.

Interest Statement:
Branded content is definitely on the rise. It is hard to open an industry publication or even our own LinkedIn account without reading or seeing something about this increasingly important form of brand communication. Even in the mainstream media there are discussions about branded content and what it means for the everyday consumers.

Branded content has become an entirely new element in the marketing mix. Effective communication planning means picking the right communication channels to deliver against differing communication objectives – you don’t use radio to achieve the same objectives that you hope achieve with TV. Likewise, we want to understand what branded content can do for us in the context of a well-defined communications plan.

We know branded content is a bit different from other communications elements. This is content your consumers are seeking out, often because it was created by you, the brand. Its unique format and construct make it a great addition to many marketing plans, but it also means that we have new things to learn from it. Because the objectives are different, we also want to make sure that we are not evaluating our branded content in the same way as other communication elements like social, TV, print or in-store.

This session will illustrate our learnings about branded content, the elements to consider as marketers looking to develop a branded content strategy for their brand and how we can continuously improve in this new realm of communications.

Learning Outcomes:
Ipsos will share its knowledge about branded content and will provide advertisers actionable ideas on how best to leverage this emerging digital tactic in the future.

Through this session, participants will learn the following:

  1. The difference of this type of initiative compared to other digital formats
  2. The situations where branded content tends to work best
  3. Where branded content can be used
  4. How to make the most out of branded content
  5. The possible outcomes of this strategy for the brand
  6. How to measure success of a branded content initiative
  7. The content that will drive the most active retransmission, before promoting it

Dave Smith
Vice President, Ipsos ASI Digital

Dave Smith leads the Ipsos digital team in North America. His role is threefold: help clients think about how to effectively leverage digital advertising to drive brand impact, work with Ipsos client teams to develop effective measurement plans and create new innovative digital measurement tools.  He has over 15 years developing and measuring digital advertising campaigns working with some of the largest global brands. Prior to joining Ipsos, Dave spent 5 years at Millward Brown and Dynamic Logic, leading a team focused on digital ad effectiveness measurement.  Dave has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Caldwell University and a Master of Business Administration from Norwich University.