Friday, June 3, 2016
3:30 - 3:50 PM
Ted Talks - Marquette

Mass Personalization in Today's Workplace

Fewer resources, more data and shorter release cycles – these are the realities faced by so many organizations today.  Research is about more than just providing numbers but with the desire of so many to have tailored data at a moment’s notice, sometimes it feels like providing numbers is all that we have time for.  Finding ways to balance ‘getting the numbers’ with providing insight, perspective and context to those around us is paramount for any team.

In this presentation, CBC and the Media Technology Monitor will discuss some of the strategies and tools that we have begun to incorporate as part of our internal strategy to streamline data dissemination in an effort to provide data and insight at all levels of the organization.  Through the use of such tools as the MTM’s Data Analysis Tool (DAT) and Trending Tool as well as Dapresy powered dashboards which allows CBC to disseminate ratings and financial data, survey research and more to users across the corporation and beyond, we are finding new ways to provide what we like to call mass personalization.

Interest Statement:
The foremost reason why attendees of the MRIA conference should attend ‘The Art of Mass Personalization in Today’s Workplace’ is that it’s going to be a dynamic and interesting presentation. By the sheer nature of the self-service tools we will be presenting, attendees will be able to sit back and be both informed and entertained by a visually stimulating presentation which tackles the topic of data dissemination in a new and interesting way.  Furthermore, by leveraging the broader interest so many of us have in topics such as the social networking, cord-cutting, Netflix and the Internet of Things through the Media Technology Monitory (MTM) data, participants will be engaged by the topic and the method of delivery.
Further, this is a topic that deals with a reality which so many of us face within our day to day lives.  Staff cuts, reams of data, expectations of more being provided with less – these experiences are not unique to suppliers, clients, researchers or marketing professionals. They are experiences which virtually all businesses large and small face in today’s fast paced world.  For that reason, the relevance of this topic is both timely and of broad interest for conference goers.
With greater pressures on the time of researchers, we will give concrete examples of how we are trying to balance the desire for mass personalization with resource minimization as well as encouraging attendees to think about the information they produce in new ways – not just as numbers but as point of contact with the users. How can we present data to our clients so that it’s easy to unpack, leaves users with the insights they need in a timely manner and serves the needs of many while requiring the resources of few?

Further, because CBC and Dapresy are attacking these issues head on, attendees will be able to see how we are leveraging the user-friendly and visually appealing nature of Dapresy dashboards to make complex data sets more interactive and accessible to a more broad array of users.  As well, attendees will have the privilege of seeing how CBC is using the latest API tools from Numeris and Dapresy to make analysing ratings data more accessible with fewer errors and personalized for the user.  As one of the very first adopters of this API software, participants can benefit from seeing these cutting edge tools in action and see how they might be incorporated into their day to day lives.

Learning Outcomes:
As a result of this session, we want participants to walk away with concrete examples of how they can harness new tools and new ways of thinking to simplify their data and information dissemination and get users to engage with the content they produce.

  1. Participants will leave with an enhanced understanding of the concepts of mass personalization within the reality of resource minimization. We will unpack these ideas as they pertain to the work world we navigate daily and help session goers to see the trap that so many of us fall into as we expect faster and faster results but ultimately end up providing nothing more than numbers.  When the pressures of number crunching replaces our ability to provide insight, perspective and context no one wins. By understanding these constraints attendees will be able to begin to address these complex issues within their own workplaces and break the cycle we find ourselves in.  As we become trainers for our clients or ‘data coaches’ if you will, we can transition from number crunchers to data gurus.
  2. Attendees will also leave this session with an awareness of new tools which can help them begin to manage the desire for mass personalization within their own organizations.  Two methods will be discussed: a)Proprietary Tools:  The first will be explained through a demonstration of how one can leverage proprietary tools which are created in-house like the Data Analysis Tool (DAT) and Trending Tool used by the MTM.  Attendees will see how we leverage powerful tools like the DAT to let our clients do the deeper runs they need for themselves while giving us the opportunity to discuss themes and topics of broader interest to the organization.  Through this the client has the ability to receive data that is both general AND specific as the demand exists b) Off the Shelf Tools: The second will involve off the shelf dashboards which can be created with services like Dapresy. Attendees will see how we are leveraging this tool to provide broader access to previously inaccessible files. Dashboards like this can provide easy touch-points to data sets in a controlled way.
Attendees will learn the importance of providing data quickly, with reduced error, that’s personalized to the user but with minimal resource output. Further, attendees will learn how these self-service tools can make data fun AND functional to interact with. After all, the more people want to engage with the information you have and enjoy doing so, the more they value what you have to offer and the more they profit from the content you produce.
Andrea Sharkey, PhD.
Manager of Market Insights, CBC/Radio-Canada

Andrea currently manages survey research for CBC/Radio-Canada's corporate office. As such, she has overseen the development of the pan-Canadian Media Technology Monitor (MTM) survey which interviews 12,000 Canadians annually concerning their adoption and use of media technology and activities. She has a PhD in sociology with a focus on youth engagement.