Thursday, June 2, 2016
3:30 - 3:50 PM
Ted Talks - Marquette

Ask First, Listen Later

A traditional method of mixing qualitative and quantitative research is to start with qualitative, then validate via a quantitative survey. Why not flip that on its head?

We will provide concrete examples, from diverse industries, to illustrate some unique ways to marry qualitative and quantitative methods, including using qualitative after quantitative to provide depth and context to findings.

Participants will see how unique combinations of qualitative and quantitative research have helped our clients in health, quick service restaurant, not-for-profit, and other industries.

Interest Statement:
A traditional method of mixing qualitative and quantitative research is to start with qual, then validate via a quantitative survey. Why not flip that on its head?  In this presentation, we will provide examples of utilizing qualitative research in unique ways, including:

Other projects will be mentioned in brief, to help the audience imagine new ways that they can use a mix of qualitative and quantitative.

Learning Outcomes:
Too often, qualitative and quantitative researchers work in ‘silos’, disconnected from each other. In this session, a quantitative researcher hopes to bridge the gap, by providing a fresh look at uses of qualitative research. Participants will be exposed to ways to add richness to the storytelling of quantitative research, and a way to extend the life of research to meet long term corporate needs.

The session leader is a seasoned researcher and engaging speaker.  During the session, specific and visual case studies will be provided. This session will be an engaging and interactive one, with the presenter eager to hear from participants as well.

Lori Reiser
Principal Consultant, Advanis

Lori Reiser is a Principal Consultant with Advanis, a Canadian market and social research firm known for its innovation, technology leadership, and client responsiveness.  Lori’s work spans both the strategic and tactical. She has employed basic and advanced analytical techniques in studies focused on product design, pricing, stakeholder satisfaction, attitude & usage, segmentation, concept testing, and needs assessment. She has extensive technology and telecommunications experience, as well as work with public sector clients in health and transportation. She is particularly interested in bringing the consumer voice to the strategic table and has been doing so since joining the Advanis team in 1999.  Prior to this, Lori was a consultant in the agri-food and small business sectors.
She currently serves as president of the board of directors of Ontario Natural Food Co-op, one of Canada’s largest organic product distributers.  Lori is a regular guest lecturer at Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Guelph.

She has presented with the MRIA (Ottawa Chapter, 2014), MRMW National Conference (USA, 2013) and the Virtual Festival of New MR (2014).

Along with her consulting work, Lori is responsible for social media at Advanis, and tweets @LoriReiser, and @AdvanisInsights.