Friday, June 3, 2016
1:30 - 1:50 PM
Ted Talks - Marquette

Mobile Studies in Latin America

Developing countries still have lower mobile and internet penetration than US or Canada. Then, many would believe online mobile data collection is not possible in Latin American countries, right? Well, not really. This presentation will bring a few case studies showing the mobile usage in market research surveys and their results.

On a Ted Talk structure, we will include client's video-testimonials telling their experience working with us on mobile data collection projects.

It may seem complicated to get respondents in developing countries to take action onto online mobile surveys, but this method has actually quite a few advantages: potential respondents are already online, willing to participate in online qualitative projects – shoot videos in-store, for instance, showing their path to purchase (without asking any questions, we get their exact location and time, confirm the value of the purchase and how was their general experience – besides, in those countries respondents are still willing to dedicate time if they get small gifts).

On the other hand, those are not easy projects and many unsuccessful cases – also to be mentioned – had to occur before the learning process took us to an outstanding quality level on recruiting and managing Mobile studies in Latin America, Spain and Portugal.

Interest Statement:
The Market Research Industry is evolving with the new technologies available. Mobile methodologies face now an enormous opportunity to enhance its reach and run studies never thought possible before. By attending this presentation, the MRIA audience will get in contact with the most innovative and technologic ways of recruiting and performing Mobile online projects. Path to purchase, self-recording-videos, and online behavioral tracking to determine the target to be recruited for a study, are among the successful cases to be presented.

We'll will possible bring clients on stage, or at least – and probably fitting better the Ted Talk style – pipe-in some client's testimonials into the presentation slides. MRIA Annual Conference attendees may leave this presentation with a clear idea on what is and what is not possible to be done via Mobile market research studies.

Learning Outcomes:
As a result of this session, participants will achieve strong knowledge of Latin American online mobile qualitative projects possibilities, understanding capabilities and limitations of this methodology in developing markets. Many experiments had to be done in markets where internet penetration, and sample and mobile representativeness are still a handicap.

During this presentation, attendees will see real cases of mobile usage to collect data and the videos people recorded during the requested activities.

Through real examples and by learning how to adapt to the regional realities on a qualitative recruitment process, participants will certainly get to know how the industry is welcoming the future.

Bruno Paro
Managing Partner USA & Canada, NetQuest

Bruno Paro has 6+ years experience in online market research and is currently the Managing Partner USA & Canada for Netquest -­- a leading online data collection company in Latin America, Spain and Portugal. Before taking over the recently opened USA subsidiary, Bruno was responsible for opening and leading the Brazilian Netquest office for over 5 years. From Brazil, his home country, he helped position Netquest as the preferred partner for most of the online data buyers in the region and managed Netquest Southern LatAm businesses.

Bruno is Board Member at both ABEP (Brazilian MR Corporate Association) since 2012 and GRBN since 2015 -­- also helps ESOMAR in several projects around the globe.