Thursday, June 2, 2016
9:40 - 10:30 AM

Panel - Privacy Breaches: Blood in the Water?

We are inundated with news of privacy and data breaches in large organizations. Yet, did you know that 64% of all Canadian businesses have already been hit by cyber-attacks? What may not surprise you is that most small to mid-sized Canadian businesses are not prepared to manage their exposures adequately. 
Canadian class action lawsuits for privacy breaches are now emerging.  A failure of even the smallest firms to protect privacy could become blood in the water.   But what about in the market research industry?
Our panel of industry experts will debate the exposure of the industry to privacy breaches, the potential consequences, and the reasonable actions you should take to reduce your exposure. 
Hear from lawyers defending the lawsuits, an insurance underwriter immersed in the risk, and a Cyber risk management expert, all facilitated by the MRIA’s insurance program manager.

Derrick Leue
President, LMS PROLINK Ltd.

Derrick Leue has been managing the MRIA Commercial Insurance program since its inception in 2005. Derrick has been directly involved in serving the risk management needs of Canada's leading marketing research companies. Helping small to mid-sized Canadian entities understand their cyber exposure is a primary focus for Derrick and his firm.


Eric Dolden
Founding Partner, Dolden Wallace Folick LLP

Eric has been practicing insurance law for 35 years and is named as one of Canada’s top commercial insurance lawyers by Lexpert magazine. Eric is a founding partner in Dolden Wallace Folick LLP which is ranked as one of the Top 5 Insurance Boutique law firms in Canada by Canadian Lawyer magazine.

The firm operates nationally and is a leader in the areas of computer network security and personal data breach events with offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Kelowna and Calgary. The firm has been a pioneer in developing cyber policy wordings and has addressed a wide range of coverage matters involving data recovery coverage and cyber liability coverage issues.


Serge Solski
VP Business Development, Watsec Cyber Risk Management

Watsec Cyber Risk Management is a firm that specializes in understanding the cyber risk exposures of businesses of every shape and size and provides their clients with the guidance and support to become cyber resilient. Serge's work experience ranges from technology start-ups to large corporations. Serge has been with Watsec since 2012. Prior to joining the fight against cyber criminals, Serge worked at Research in Motion (Blackberry) as their security awareness specialist, educating employees on how to protect company assets and recognize traps designed to trick them out of their company secrets. Serge has participated in numerous education panels across various industries in Canada and the US.


Patrick Cruikshank
Director of Professional Liability, Northbridge Insurance

Patrick started in the insurance industry in 2003 and has extensive experience handling commercial and specialty insurance products. Currently, Patrick drives national strategy for professional, management & cyber risk insurance products. Much of his work focuses on product development, legislation analysis and its impact on policy coverage, and drafting changes and additions to policy wordings and underwriting guidelines in addition to managing his national underwriting team. Patrick leads the Cyber Liability education presentations to the insurance brokerages representing Northbridge in the Canadian marketplace.