Friday, June 3, 2016
4:00 - 4:20 PM
Ted Talks - Duluth/MacKenzie

Retail Research Reboot (Quanti-Qual)

Shopalongs have traditionally been conducted qualitatively, which means that shopper learnings, while inspirational, usually cannot be projected to the population as a whole. As a result, retailers have only a partial understanding of the in-aisle experience, where 95% of decisions are made. What if we could upend this approach and conduct quantitative shopalongs? What if we could project in-store learnings to the entire shopper population, allowing retailers to make fact-based decisions on how to optimize the in-store experience without caveats? Join Canadian Tire in a provocative session on the "new" quanti-qual, and learn how to marry quantitative confidence levels with qualitative insights when creating a robust foundation for inspiration.

Interest Statement:
Data-centricity is another buzzword we often here in our industry.  Its definition can vary slightly depending on who you talk to – but at its core the term describes the importance of having data support key business decisions, strategy and change.  For years, many retailers relied upon purely qualitative methodologies to understand the at-shelf experience, as “it was the only way to address the research need”.  But with their limited base sizes and cautionary footnotes about directional insights, the industry has had to evolve and adapt to align with the push for data-centricity. 

95% of purchase decisions are made in the aisle but, for most retailers, there are still many unanswered questions around the in-aisle experience and how this experience can be optimized. While data from shopalongs and IDI’s can yield rich insights – this “inch wide and mile deep” methodology often worries stakeholders who need to know with confidence that the insights reflect the whole population, not just a small subset of participants from in-aisle discussions.

In this session, you will be shown a real example of how a creative quantitative research approach addressed the holy grail of in-situation research.  “A mile wide and a mile deep” is now attainable, thanks to a mobile-based on-site methodology.

This talk will take the audience on a journey of how the Canadian Tire Consumer Insights department rebooted its thinking related to shopalongs in order to meet the demands of a research-savvy client who wanted more from in-store research.     

Learning Outcomes:
As a result of this session, participants will:

Cedric Painvin
Manager of Customer Insights and Research, Canadian Tire Corporation

In his seven (7) years at Canadian Tire, Cedric has helped redefine the utility of the Consumer Research function within the organization. He's led major segmentation studies, supported multiple brand repositionings, helped create executive dashboards of key tracking metrics and spearheaded the development of two (2) Insight Communities. Prior to Canadian Tire, Cedric worked at Ipsos-REID, Ipsos-ASI and Millward Brown doing Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and Advertising research. When he's not working, Cedric enjoys cycling, golf and supporting all Toronto-based sports teams.



Marcie Connan
Executive Vice-President, Dig Insights

Marcie is fueled by an insatiable curiosity and a desire to make market research more actionable. Over the past 15-years, she has honed a practical ambition: to tell compelling consumer stories, irresistible to all project stakeholders. Whether client-side or supplier-side, Marcie leads her team to break through data clutter and drive customer-centric business strategies. Trusted by her clients for innovation and project excellence, she uncovers deep insights into the consumer mindset as a springboard to growth opportunities.