Friday, June 3, 2016
2:30 - 2:50 PM
Ted Talks - Jolliet

Upgrading Research to First Class

Ask Aeroplan members if they want more options and greater flexibility, most say “yes”. But attitudes and intentions do not always equal action. The real question is “would members actually behave differently if new options were available”?

Aimia, a global leader in data-driven marketing and loyalty analytics, is always exploring new ways for its 5 million Aeroplan members to engage in the program, be it through new products and partnerships, or through different earn and redemption methods.

This session will demonstrate how Aimia, in collaboration with Dig Insights, creates dynamic online surveys that resemble the Aeroplan member’s real-world online experience to measure actual behaviour, not just attitudes. When primary data from these “build-your-own” online environments are combined with Aimia’s “big data”, the result is detailed forecasts and robust financial models that can be used to optimize innovations and empower Aimia for its business development.

Interest Statement:
In 2015, Aimia revolutionized the way it uses research to test new ways for its Aeroplan members to earn and redeem miles.

Gone are the days of testing written concepts using solely traditional scale and grid questions. Aimia, in partnership with its research partner Dig Insights, has developed innovative behavioural methodologies which use dynamic online “build-your-own” environments that simulate the actual Aeroplan website. Looking back, the idea of only asking “likelihood to use” and reporting top-2-box scores seems as dated as punch cards and acetates.

Join Aimia and Dig Insights as they tell the story of how they revolutionized Aeroplan’s approach for testing product and service innovations. Learn how dynamic online interfaces (which can barely be called surveys) are able to pipe in member-level transactional data to create personalized and unique respondent experiences that ultimately improve engagement and data quality.

Hear from the end-client how primary data from these behavioural models are incorporated into financial models to optimize new product and service development. Aimia will discuss how they are able to build detailed business cases and more robust financial models using these new research approaches.

Learning Outcomes:
As a result of this session, participants will:

Vincent Lefebvre
Consultant, Aimia – Market & Consumer Research

This young and dynamic HEC graduate has been handling research projects at Aimia since 2011, after a brief incursion on the supplier side. Vincent started his career at Aimia as the Aeroplan Advisors Panel Manager. His role has since evolved to one of Project Manager for all types of studies undertaken by Aimia in Canada, ranging from small ad hoc surveys to larger tracking studies. Vincent has recently joined the Board of the MRIA Quebec Chapter and wrote his CMRP exam last November.


Dominic Atkinson
Co-Founder, Dig Insights

For the past 20 years Dominic Atkinson has pushed the bounds of market research, developing new and innovative approaches. He has worked client-side at Ford of Canada and Canadian Tire. On the supplier side he has held increasingly senior roles at ABM, Thompson Lightstone and Hotspex. In 2010 he co-founded Dig Insights, one of the fastest growing research agencies in North America. Dominic won the PMRS Doyle Award in 1996, is a Riva-trained moderator, and earned his MBA from the Richard Ivey Business School in 2000. Dominic presented with Yahoo at the MRIA 2014 Conference in Niagara Falls.