Thursday, June 2, 2016
2:30 - 2:50 PM
Ted Talks - Marquette

More than Buzz & Sentiment

Brand experience and relationship signals from social media add depth and agility to brand insight and management.

Interest Statement:
There has been a “seismic shift” in brand management in recent years. The rise of social media now gives consumers with more opportunities to experience and relate with brands. And these social media experiences are having a huge impact on brand perception and performance. This observation is now more or less accepted within the research community.  Despite this, most brand monitoring programs fail to account for impacts from the ‘social world’ in an integrated and comprehensive manner. How social media communication affects short- and long-term brand success so far remains unclear.

We introduce a new social media-based brand monitoring program that goes far beyond the usual social media KPIs, capitalizing on the richness that social media can provide. The program evaluates impacts on brand image, purchase, brand experiences and brand equity which are so far only measured in survey research, broadening our understanding of the drivers of short- and long-term brand success.

This alignment of brand survey and social media KPIs allows us to directly connectboth worlds, capitalizing on the richness of social media data.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. We’ve observed why consumers actually prefer or reject a brand using social media as an agent of change vis-à-vis brand image and overall brand experience.  Using their own words, consumers tell brand managers directionally where to head next, thus the consumers and brand managers collectively shape the future of the brand
  2. The integration of brand KPIs from survey and social media research in predictive models better forecasts short and long-term brand equity and market success.
  3. Positive and memorable experiences reported in social media have a strong, but indirect effect on market share. We now understand how social media and traditional survey KPIs like Brand Equity interact. 

Eric Villain

Understanding the communication ecosystem and how people react to brands, advertising and content has been a passion of Eric's. Brand equity is an ever changing rich and complex territory where Eric spends much of his time analyzing and developing insights with his clients and peers. Having started his career in Canada Eric now has over 25 years of experience in marketing insight spanning a wide array of brand management disciplines, including innovation, positioning, communication development, tracking, brand equity, segmentation and customer satisfaction. Eric also holds a passion for creating successful, highly collaborative teams.

Previous experience includes President, Media and Technology Ipsos OTX Media CT. Executive Vice President at Added-Value, a Kantar company and Executive Vice President, Western Region at Millward Brown and McCann Erikson.