Thursday, June 2, 2016
1:30 - 1:50 PM
Ted Talks - Duluth/MacKenzie

Definition of Madness: Digital Advertising

16% of French and English Canadians live without a pay cable service today. By 2025, 50% of all American TV viewers under age 32 will not pay for TV as we understand it today.
French and English Canadian multiscreeners spend at least six hours a day with screens, two-thirds with digital devices. Canadian digital ad spend is over $3 billion a year. Yet, consumers report low favourability toward digital ads, and marketers are frustrated with digital campaigns.
Let’s end the madness.
CMOs must experiment with those we call cord-nevers and cord-cutters. Understanding today’s multiscreeners allows marketers to future-proof their strategy as traditional media mix options evolve or disappear.
Digital is simply a communication channel. Communicating with the consumer is now, and has always been, the priority.

Kellogg’s and Millward Brown break down the needs of the consumer when engaged with digital content. Together, Kellogg’s and Millward Brown illustrate how and why we need to shift the digital dialogue back to the consumer with real-world examples of success putting the consumer first.

Interest Statement:
CMOs must experiment with those we call cord-nevers and cord-cutters. Understanding today’s multiscreeners allows marketers to future-proof their strategy as traditional media mix options evolve or disappear.
Together, Kellogg’s and Millward Brown will illustrate how CMOs can experiment with digital to future-proof their marketing strategies.

This session presents learnings from AdReaction, Millward Brown’s 42-country multiscreener study.
Kellogg’s provides a unique behind-the-scenes exploration of its digital-first strategic success in 2015.
Setting the stage, Millward Brown’s AdReaction will illuminate how multiscreeners spend their time, how they view video, where they view video, and their state of mind when they reach for a device.  

The AdReaction survey was conducted in both English and French, representing a unique opportunity to shed light on the differences between these two markets.

Going beyond simple device usage, AdReaction explains the mindset of multiscreeners and their relationship to video depending on device, offering new considerations when executing digital video advertising.

Kellogg’s will build on and extend the insights from AdReaction, showing how a digital-first strategy is executed.
In Canada, Kellogg’s is creating more content that is meant to be “online first,” not a TV ad cutdown. As OLV becomes a main piece of brand communication, a cost-effective solution is needed to measure performance versus benchmarks.
Kellogg’s will walk session attendees through its OLV ad testing process, demonstrating what it has learned that is unique to OLV and how to action those insights.

Kellogg’s and Millward Brown will jointly present concrete examples of video advertising best practices to meet and exceed the challenges posed by digital.

As a result of this joint session with Millward Brown and Kellogg’s, participants will:

Session participants should leave empowered with a renewed confidence in their ability to leverage digital, with new information actionable for communicating in the digital age.
Sharon Flynn
Director – Digital, Millward Brown

Sharon Flynn comes to Millward Brown with almost 20 years of experience in the media and digital spaces, including TVO (Director of Research), Astral Media, HBO and Disney (Head of Research & Director of Interactive Research), CBC (Research Manager), and the Canada Media Fund (Statistical and Economic Analyst). 

Sharon is at the centre of the Canadian digital community. A co-founder of the Digital Analytics Association Southern Ontario Branch, she regularly hosts panel discussions and has presented at eMetrics Toronto
She was a co-chair of the comScore Research Advisory Council from 2008-2009 and is an ongoing member of the IAB Research Council.


Joe Amati
Associate Director, Insights and Planning, Kellogg Company

After graduating with a Master’s degree in Experimental Psychology, Joe Amati began his research career on the supplier side with Decima Research and Phase 5. It was here that he fell in love with the power marketing research has on transforming strategy. Joe then moved over to the client side with Loblaw Companies Ltd., leveraging research tools and insights to inform strategic retail and brand decisions, including the formation of the PC Plus loyalty program. Now at Kellogg’s Canada, Joe heads up the Canadian Insights and Planning team driving strategy for both brand and shopper. He’s currently helping to change how the business thinks about cereal, breakfast, and snacking.

In addition to his day job, Joe sits on the Board of Directors for the MRIA and the Georgian College Research Analyst Program. He’s a frequent guest lecturer on marketing and research topics for undergrad and post-graduate programs.

Joe lives in Toronto with his wife and daughter. When not obsessing over research and strategy, he can be found riding his bicycle up the hills around High Park.