Thursday, June 2, 2016
2:00 - 2:20 PM
Ted Talks - Marquette

Applied Anthropology: A Thinking Revolution

This presentation is to inspire those in the audience to consider the unparalleled relevance of “human”-centric thinking as it relates to the evolution of market research in Canada, and in unearthing deep, foundational consumer needs. We aim to inspire the integration of the human story into the design of any new product or brand or technology. It is not enough that some of the marketing industry has shifted from a “manufacturing-out” process to a “consumer-centric” one; we are calling for the next step towards a human-led process. Only once we truly understand the consumer on this deep level can we enter that sweet spot where insights meet the creative mind and innovation is born. This innovative thinking can, and should then lead to better developments in technology, that speak to the intuitive needs of the human, and society at large.

While technology is important to market research, it remains the vehicle to the deeper driver that is human insights.

Our session will consist of a Human Branding patented interactive workshop focused on interacting with and energizing the live audience.

Interest Statement:
Focusing on what people do, say and think, Human Branding’s presentation will inspire attendees, on both client and supplier side, to revolutionize the way they look at their consumer, and the way they think about approaching innovative market research. We will bring to light the power and application of changing the focus from “manufacturing-centric” to “human-centric” within innovation and the evolution of market research. Attendees will leave feeling excited about a new way to engage with their consumer on a deeper level and stimulated by the opportunity to apply such “human” insights. They will feel energized about the strategic implications of building a stronger foundation for innovating longer-lasting trends in the market, and developing more intuitive and effective technologies for the best results in market research.

Learning Outcomes:
The outcome of this session will be a paradigm shift in the way market research is approached. In order to impact business strategy and improve the value of market research we must be able to provide insights that lead to more intuitive product innovation. This research approach must dig deeper to harness consumers’ unarticulated emotions and identify latent, unmet needs.
Remaining at the surface of human understanding places the onus on the consumer as expert, not the researcher, thereby not arriving at these potential golden opportunities. The outcome of this learning is putting the human front and center within the innovation process.

Looking to the future, if market researchers and innovators do not consider what is going on beneath the surface (on an unconscious and societal level) influencing their consumer, the result will be innovation that does not truly connect. Much like a house with an unstable foundation, the insights, and resulting innovation, will not be meaningful and long-lasting. If innovation efforts continue to focus on the consumer as the expert - and ignore the opportunities to dig deeper - the future will look much the same as it does now, traditional and at times ineffective. We will see trends that remain fleeting trends – as opposed to innovation and technology developed by engaging intuitive human behaviour; creating new spaces that become principal in the consumer’s life.
Johanna Faigelman
CEO, Founding Partner, Human Branding, Inc.

Johanna Faigelman is the founder and CEO of Human Branding Inc., an innovative market research consultancy that harnesses the power of Applied Anthropology to uncover the societal and unconsciously rooted knowledge that drives people to action and brings brands to life. Johanna has close to two decades of marketing experience in addition to graduate and undergraduate degrees in Cultural Anthropology. Her unique combination of marketing and Anthropological expertise reveals previously untapped customer insights and provides game-changing strategic branding direction to Fortune 500 companies around the world.


Sarah McNab
Partner, CSO, Human Branding, Inc.

Sarah McNab is a Partner and the CSO for Human Branding Inc., an innovative market research consultancy that has pioneered the use of applied anthropology to create game-changing business results for clients across a wide range of industries. Sarah has 25 years of strategic brand building and customer insight experience from working internationally in a variety of roles in the client, agency and research arenas. With this unique combination of marketing expertise, Sarah provides powerful and enduring brand and customer strategies to leading companies across the globe.


Kathleen McClean
McCain Foods Canada

Kathleen McClean serves as Director of Insights at McCain Foods Canada. With many years of combined experience in Packaged Goods Data Management and Market Research, Kathleen leverages a multitude of research techniques and methodologies to uncover hidden consumer truths and unearth new and exciting opportunities for growth. Kathleen works closely with both external customers as well as the Marketing, Innovation and Sales teams at McCain, providing consumer and market insights to drive strategic and actionable decision making.