Thursday, June 2, 2016
1:30 - 1:50 PM
Ted Talks - Jolliet

The Most Coveted Employer Brands in Canada – A case study on the impact of brand equity on employee recruitment

Why is this relevant?
Because it uses an innovative approach to address a familiar topic:

Session Description
What makes an employer attractive? Ipsos has embarked on a journey to find the answer, by conducting this national study that sheds new light on what really matters to Canadian candidates. And guess what: It's not just about the money. We discovered that marketing and brand equity also play a huge role, and that candidates often relate to brands the same way consumers do.

In this presentation, Luc Durand, President of Ipsos in Quebec, will take you through the most coveted employers in Canada, and share insights based on best practices from all over the country. Join us and find out who's winning the talent war – and why.

Interest Statement:
There is a talent war going on in the workplace. With millennials becoming an important part of the workforce, there is growing pressure on employers to improve their employer brand in order to attract the brightest candidates. And with good reason too! Studies have shown that companies with a positive
employer image attract 50% more talent, recruit faster, cut down on hiring costs – 50% less per hire - and reduce staff turnover – by 28% on average.

Our study measures the attractiveness of over 200 major employers – regional, national and international – and analyzes what makes those employers attractive to candidates.

Unlike most employer studies, this study rates employers from an external candidate's standpoint, rather than looking at employee satisfaction.

Each employer is rated on 65 dimensions, mixing branding and traditional HR attributes. Those dimensions are later grouped into factors and have their importance derived against each company's attractiveness score. This provides a read on the factors that drive the attractiveness of a company in particular, but also what matters to specific subgroups of candidates – millennials for example.

Learning Outcomes:
As a result of this session, participants will…

  1. Learn why it is important for a company to have a strong employer brand.
  2. Know which employers and sectors are the most coveted by Canadians.
  3. Know what makes an employer attractive to candidates.
  4. Understand how each company's "recipe for attractiveness" is unique and different from other companies.
  5. Understand the importance of marketing and brand equity on recruitment.
  6. See how the importance of money varies from one company to the next, and what kind of trade-off candidates look for.

Luc Durand
President of Ipsos

Luc Durand is the President of Ipsos in Quebec since 2011. Luc started out as an actuary before moving on to market research. Prior to becoming President of Ipsos Quebec, Luc was Director of the Marketing Research Division of Médiavision-WWP, Market Research Director at Télémédia Éditions and Director of the Marketing Department of the Tremblant Resort (Intrawest). He was also Vice-President of CROP, a Montreal-based marketing research firm, and Vice-President at Bleublancrouge, a Montreal advertising agency.

Luc holds BSc in Mathematics, Actuarial Sciences and Statistics as well as a Graduate degree in Marketing from HEC in Montreal.