Thursday, June 2, 2016
2:30 - 2:50 PM
Ted Talks - Duluth/MacKenzie

ATB Goes All In

ATB Financial had lots of traditional survey data but few insights when it went to market to find ways to change the banking experience of Albertans.

Traditional ways of doing research were dispensed with.

Customer needs were understood at the emotional and unconscious level. Transactional processes became opportunities for transformational experiences.

Using psychoanalytics, digital ethnography, and discrete choice modelling, ATB Financial was able to meet the challenge of its CEO to increase acquisition and retention. And it did not use a rating scale, a direct question, or traditional survey to arrive at its transformative view of the customer and the revamping of its hiring practices. These innovative approaches helped ATB to better understand the forces that created the mental model for banking with ATB.

Interest Statement:
Financial institutions have traditionally relied on focus groups and traditional surveys, customer satisfaction studies, and lots of tracking. And there is nothing wrong with that. Counting is an important exercise for knowing where you are talking to customers is important to keep on top of what they are thinking and what your competitors are doing. But sometimes it's not enough. ATB had lots of that information but it needed different thinking if it was going to succeed in aglobal banking environment as a local company taking on 5 titans. It was time to step out its comfort zone and do something different.

In multi-media presentation, Tawnya Crerar, Director, Client and Marketing Research Strategy from ATB Financial and Anne Coulter, Managing Director, rsg, will demonstrate how new thinking helped to strengthen ATB's position in the marketplace.

Learning Outcomes:
As a result of this session, participants will learn:

Tawnya Crerar, CMRP
Director, Client & Marketing Research, ATB Financial

Tawnya began her marketing research career in Toronto after graduating from Cape Breton University with her BBA. She started her career in pharmaceutical research, followed by CPG, Financial, Telecom, and B-2-B. After spending almost a decade in Toronto, she moved to Alberta and took on marketing research leadership roles within the Technology and Financial industries. She loves working for ATB and leads what she calls "the best in-house research team in Canada".


Anne Coulter
Managing Director, rsg

Anne uses sophisticated and advanced analytic models to help clients solve complex problems. She is an expert in choice-based segmentation and discrete choice modeling, and uses rsg's innovative qualitative solutions to ground the statistics in real consumer experiences. Her session will illustrate how leading edge quantitative marries well with psychology to produce more effective models of human behavior. A dedicated Bayesian, she favours research approaches that result in probability outcomes rather than reported survey responses.

Prior to joining rsg, Anne was a partner in Coulter/Renken, where she developed new market research tools for virtual environments. These new methodologies took advantage of advances in data collection and statistical analysis. In particular, she created applications using virtual reality techniques that were used to develop statistical models for forecasting new product introductions, develop pricing strategies, create line optimization and delisting strategies, measure the impact of POS and estimate MROI.