Friday, June 3, 2016
3:30 -3:50 PM
Ted Talks - Jolliet

Small Population, Big Needs

The Canadian Cancer Society provides essential information resources to support Canadians and their families coping with cancer. With the changing communications landscape, the Society needed to review and refresh the online content and print publications it produces for parents whose child has been diagnosed with cancer. While this information is needed by a small number of Canadian families, the Society’s resources provide critical information at an extraordinarily difficult time. The Society had to make the right decisions on what content to offer these families and the best format in which to deliver it. Quality market research examining the needs, behaviours and preferences of this audience was vital to achieving this.  The research posed several challenges, including:

In this session, we will demonstrate how new technologies, including social media and online communities, were leveraged to overcome these challenges and provide the Society with deeper, more meaningful insights while providing participants with a more positive, engaging research experience than would have been possible through traditional methodologies.

Attend if you are interested in:

Learning how the Canadian Cancer Society benefitted from and implemented feedback from the research to enhance the support it offers parents caring for a child with cancer.

As a result of this session, participants will:

Shannon Bennett, MA
Research Manager, Phase 5 Consulting Group Inc.

Shannon Bennett, MA, is a Research Manager at Phase 5 Consulting Group Inc. Shannon plays a lead role in innovation research at Phase 5, conducting studies related to market assessment, product development and refinement, communications testing, branding and positioning, usage and attitude, and more. With a background in psychological research and eight years of experience, Shannon has been instrumental in evolving Phase 5's market research techniques to meet the challenges posed by our changing industry.


Tracy Torchetti, MA
Director of Cancer Information, Canadian Cancer Society

Tracy Torchetti, MA, is Director of Cancer Information at the Canadian Cancer Society, where she leads a team of project managers, writers and editors responsible for developing information on cancer-related topics ranging from risk reduction to treatment, clinical trials and supportive care. Her background is in medical anthropology and adult literacy. Tracy has been an editor and managing editor for almost 15 years and previously taught adults how to read and write at a literacy organization. Most recently, she helped develop an Inuit cancer glossary for use by interpreters, translators and healthcare professionals in Canada's Arctic.