Friday, June 3, 2016
1:30 - 1:50 PM
Ted Talks - Duluth/MacKenzie

From "Survey" to "Engagement": A Journey of Research and Organization Evolution

In 2004 the Ontario Auditor General reviewed the HR Practices of the Ontario Public Service and suggested that the OPS conduct regular employee surveys.  While it is fair to say that the original impetus was about “doing the right thing”, over the years the employee survey has evolved to become a program that is about “doing things right”.  Working with Ipsos we took what could have been a survey to collect employee opinions about work and evolved the process to ensure that employee satisfaction is an integral part of our Public Service Value chain linked to client satisfaction and reflected in the trust and confidence citizens have in government.  Results from the employee survey permeate every layer of the organization and the evolution of how research is conducted and communicated has played a significant role. 

The Employee Engagement Program has contributed to the OPS receiving several awards such as Top 100 Employer, and Best Employer recognitions for Diversity, Younger People and New Canadians. Results from the employee engagement program feed into HR strategy and policy development, Diversity strategy and business plans within work units across all Ministries. 

As a result of this session, participants will:

Claude André
Manager, Corporate Leadership Branch, Government of Ontario

Claude André is Manager for the Business Intelligence Unit and responsible for the Ontario Public Service Employee Engagement Program. Claude has over twenty years' experience in the public service and worked on a number of portfolios related to corporate policy, strategic planning, quality assurance and, for the last ten years, employee engagement. His educational background includes pure and applied sciences, urban & regional planning and environmental studies.


Amy Charles, CMRP, PRC, CCXP, P.CRM
Senior Vice President Ipsos Reid Loyalty

Amy Charles is a Senior Vice President at Ipsos Reid Canada in the Loyalty group. Amy has been with Ipsos Reid since 2001 and specializes in customer loyalty, employee engagement and motivation-based segmentation. A native of the United States, Amy began her market research career in the U.S. and has been in the research industry since 1989. She spent nine years specializing in the area of socio-cultural and consumer motivation with a French-based market research firm, where she conducted global research programs for a wide spectrum of clients. Amy is versed in both quantitative and qualitative methodologies, and enjoys developing complex, multi-methodology projects. She has designed various multivariate segmentation solutions that incorporate consumer behaviour, attitude and motivation. On the qualitative side, she has conducted numerous one-on-one, executive and focus group interviews using anthropological and ethnographic techniques.